Basquetour: Turismoaren Euskal Agentzia. Agencia Vasca de Turismo


The aim of the Competitiveness department of Basquetour is to provide value through design, or the implementation and startup of activities and programmes to promote a well-structured Basque tourism sector, with the public and private sectors working closely together and formed by competitive tourist destination organisations and companies, which provide high added value.


  • To boost the competitiveness of what the public and private Basque tourism sector has to offer.
  • To promote, coordinate, implement and control activity programmes in the field of tourism competitiveness.
  • To promote the coordination of objectives and activities with the public and private sectors, to stimulate the interrelation between both sectors.
  • To coordinate the relationship between Basquetour and the various Government departments and Institutions to strengthen their efficacy and efficiency.

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